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Harbor Tag: Your Dockside Digital Companion

Harbor Tag revolutionizes your dockside experience by offering instant, easy access to a wealth of vessel information. Born from a vision to make every marina interaction informative and effortless, we bridge the gap between curiosity and knowledge, bringing detailed vessel data to your fingertips with just a quick scan of a QR code.

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For the Love of Boating

Our Origin Story

Harbor Tag emerged to address a fundamental need in the boating community: simplifying access to detailed vessel information for both owners and yacht brokers. This app combines technology with practicality, offering easy access to important vessel details, enhancing safety on the waters, and streamlining the brokerage process. It's a tool designed with the maritime community's needs in mind, focusing on efficiency, safety, and user-friendliness, whether you're navigating the seas or showcasing vessels.

Empowering Vessel Owners

Safety and Community at the Forefront

For vessel owners, Harbor Tag is more than an app - it's a commitment to safety and a step towards a more engaged and responsible boating community. We empower owners by providing tools that make safety practices more accessible and by fostering a network where support and information are readily available.

Streamlining the Brokerage Process

A New Era for Yacht Brokers

Understanding the unique challenges yacht brokers face, Harbor Tag offers a streamlined solution to showcase vessels and connect with potential buyers. We aim to transform the sales process, making it more efficient, transparent, and customer-centric, ultimately enhancing the buying experience.

Bridging the Gap

A Unified Maritime Community

Our vision goes beyond individual services for different user groups. Harbor Tag is about creating a unified platform where vessel owners and brokers can coexist, benefit from shared knowledge, and foster a sense of trust and transparency in the maritime market.

Committed to Innovation

Evolving with You

At Harbor Tag, we believe in continuous growth and adaptation. Our journey is shaped by the feedback and experiences of our users. We're committed to evolving with the changing tides of technology and user needs, ensuring that Harbor Tag remains an indispensable part of your maritime experience.

Join Us

Be Part of Our Story

We invite you to join the Harbor Tag community. Whether you're safeguarding your vessel, seeking the perfect buyer, or simply sharing your love for the sea, Harbor Tag is here to make every journey more connected and every story more memorable. Let's set sail into a future of safer, simpler, and more connected boating experiences.