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Whether securing your vessel's safety or showcasing its features, our QR-based Harbor Tag system delivers a seamless solution. Create a detailed digital profile for your boat and get your QR Tag that links directly to your unique online vessel profile. Effortlessly share or access crucial information with just a quick QR code scan using any smart device.

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Your Vessel, Digitally Defined

Create Your Vessel's Online Digital Identity

Set up your vessel's comprehensive online profile with ease. Once you're done, you can print or order a custom QR Tag, designed to be displayed on your vessel. This digital touchpoint bridges the gap between people on the docks and valuable information about your vessel.

Details with a Scan

Seamless Profile Accessibility

People can get instant access to your vessels details with a simple scan of your QR Tag. Our QR Tag system enables fellow boaters and prospective buyers to view your boat's profile effortlessly. Plus, you can share your vessel's unique profile link with friends on social media.

Swift Alert, Quicker Response

Enhanced Safety for Your Vessel

Each QR Tag is linked to your personalized online profile, and it displays the contact number you specify. In urgent situations, this feature becomes essential, offering rapid access to vital information for people on the scene. This enables others to swiftly notify you if your vessel encounters any issues, helping to ensure prompt attention and action.

Effortless Sales, Enhanced Experience

Transforming Yacht Sales for Marine Brokers

Elevate your sales strategy with Harbor Tag's innovative approach. As a marine broker, you can provide clients with detailed, instantly accessible digital profiles for each vessel listing. This transparency not only enhances the buyer's experience but also positions your contact information alongside crucial vessel details. Focused on streamlining communication and accelerating sales processes, Harbor Tag is an essential tool for modern marine sales teams.

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